My name is Benjamin Elder, though I am frequently known as Ben / BenTheElder. I enjoy gaming, hiking, and building things. I want computers / machines to help people do more.

During Google Summer of Code 2015 I implemented Tim Hockin’s proposal to use iptables instead of userspace for proxying in Kubernetes’s kube-proxy, which later evolved into the current default implementation.

More recently I graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from Georgia Tech in the Spring of 2017 with “threads” in Devices and Intelligence. I joined Google as a Software Engineer (“SWE”) in the Summer of 2017, working on Test Infrastructure / GitHub Automation for Kubernetes.

Currently my work is focused primarily on local test clusters with KIND, which I created and maintain. I also help maintain Kubernetes - particularly builid, test, and release. I hope to improve the developer and contributor experience. I love working with the community.



NOTE:  These resumes are very out-of-date. :shrug:

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See also my GitHub profile and projects page.